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Veer Coffee Table & Veer Side Table by Tonelli

A unique coffee table/side table designed by internationally renowned icon of design Karim Rashid. The top and base have contrasting styles, top with rounded edges and base with angular bold lines. A real standout design that will feel at home in any contemporary location.   Click on the links below for more details:   Veer Coffee Table Veer Side Table  

Server by Tonelli

An innovative modern glass cabinet/home desk for PC or laptop use. The pull out desk is on wheels and simply rolls out when required, providing room for a chair underneath. It can be pushed back over the cabinet when not in use to save space. The lower part of the cabinet has a shelf for easy access to books, files, etc. The upper part of the cabinet is open once the desk is pulled out, and has a gap for feeding through any wires and leads from printers/PCs etc. The entire unit is made from bonded sheets of 15mm thick smoked glass.   Click on the link below for more details:   Server  

Liber bookcases by Tonelli

Liber are a large family of different sized bookcases all evolved from a single shape. Each size has a different function, from bedside/end table to large bookcase and a chest resting on glass feet. Lacquered wooden drawers are available on request in 3 different sizes to fill the various gaps in the bookcases.   Click on the links below for more details:   Liber A Liber B Liber D Liber E Liber M  

Penrose Desk by Isao Hosoe for Tonelli

Penrose is an ultra contemporary office desk by renowned furniture designer Isao Hosoe and produced by Tonelli. Made from 15mm thick sections of bonded glass this desk has a simple yet eye-catching design, perfect for the modern workplace or home office space.   The designer has also produced a console table is the same vein, click on the links below for more details on both products:   Penrose Desk Penrose Console  

Claro dining table by Tonelli

A stunning all glass dining table inspired by the 1950s structural experimentation of Jean Prouve. The base is made of 6 pieces of thick glass bonded together to form a strong structure capapble of supporting the large glass top. The central beam varies in length depending on the size of top it is required to support. This table is typical of the Tonelli style: clean, bold lines that create a beautiful practical piece of furniture thta in essence is very simple.   Click on the link below for more details:   Claro    

Bakkarat tables by Tonelli

Bakkarat is a collection of small coffee tables/side tables made entirely from glass. The base and top are round with a ‘twisted’ central stem made from sections of extra thick bonded glass. The base is mirrored to reflect and create interesting angles produced by the different glass surfaces.   Click on the link below for more details:   Bakkarat  

Tonelli Designer Focus – Isao Hosoe

Tonelli Designer Isao Hosoe

Isao Hosoe began his collaboration with Tonelli in the late 1980’s and continues to create furniture designs that encapsulate a simple beauty in both form and function. His style is typical of Tonelli products, using the glass bonding technique to produce beautiful designs that enrich the environment without being overly invasive. To date he has won a number of international prizes with his designs in the fields of transport, office furniture, product design, telecommunications, electronic and household furnishing. He has had a number of personal and collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, he is a lecturer in Design at many Italian institutions including Milan’s Polytechnic. His iconic designs sum up Tonelli perfectly, understated yet…

Tonelli Designer Focus – Karim Rashid

Tonelli Designer Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is well known in the world of design, in particular for his work in furniture and fashion. He has won many awards and had his designs exhibited in art museums all around the world. His designs always seem to convey a sense of quirkiness and fun, he has made it his mission to ‘beautify’ our environments. Rashid believes that design enriches our lives, ‘poetically, aesthetically, experientially, sensorially, and emotionally’. Tonelli and Karim Rashid first joined forces in 2005 with TV unit Plasmatic and the Lotus bookcase, showcasing cool and stylish designs through technologically advanced glass production. The latest offering from Rashid and Tonelli is Splash (below, left), a coffee table available in 2 sizes made…

Tonelli – Technical Innovation

Tonelli Glass Furniture Tradition

Back in the 1980s when Tonelli was first established, glass was primarily used in flat sheets and joined together using visible metal joints. Tonelli began experimenting with welding together sheets of glass using structural bonding agents. They discovered that glass could be bonded together. In fact the bond that they created had maintained the transparency of the glass and the glass had a higher level of resistance in this area than in other areas of the glass. The clean lines and joints that this innovation has helped create is responsible for realising many of the products in their range today. Once again this a case of the creativity of design inspiring technological research and advancement. Trio pictured, click here for size,…

Tonelli – Company Profile

Tonelli Fragments table

Tonelli specialises in the manufacture of furniture and designer objects in glass. Established in the mid-1980s, Tonelli’s passion is to strive for new ways to use glass, through their belief in research and experimentation. At the core of Tonelli’s philosophy is the combination of respect for tradition and investment in technology. At the heart of this philosophy is the value placed on design, and therefore the designer, to bring out the best in a material as fascinating and unique as glass is. The best designers from across the world are attracted to Tonelli as the partnerships that they forge create stunning pieces of furniture that are wonders of production and design. Tonelli understands the importance that design plays in pushing the boundaries of creativity…

Joliet Side Table from Tonelli

Tonelli Joilet End Table

A stylish new side table from Tonelli, Joliet shares much of the same qualities as the Miles and Miles XT dining tables. The strong, bold design of the asymmetrical metal frame is complimented by a simple glass top, fixed discreetly to the underside of the frame so that it appears to float. Joliet really is one of a kind as a side table and we think it will compliment the Plinsky coffee table, also by Tonelli, which has a similar frame and is available in the same finishes. Available now, for finishes and price options click here

Tonelli Products in Extra Clear Glass

Tonelli Extra Clear Glass

Tonelli have re-released the majority of their catalogue in extra clear glass, giving classics such as Bacco and Fratina Due a new lease of life. Extra Clear Glass has some of the crystals removed so that less light is refracted through the glass, giving a purer appearance, especially on thick glass. The result for these Tonelli products is a rejuvenation. Some look like brand new additions. We have uploaded new pictures from Tonelli onto the product pages so that you can see the difference when choosing which type of glass best suits you needs. For a quick look at what we mean follow the links below… Farniente Farniente Tondo Farneinte Alto Fratina Due Unity Bacco


Tonelli is one of the finest Italian glass furniture brands. Over the past 30 years, they have mastered the process of taking high precision cuts of thick glass and utilizing a uv bonding process to construct innovative and aesthetically stunning tables. Tonelli partnered with many world renowned designers such as Karim Rashid, Isao Hosoe and G. Tommaso Garattoni to fulfil the potential of the technology and create contemporary design masterpieces. The appeal and popularity of transparent furniture made entirely of glass has increased, as it compliments a variety of interior design schemes, doesn’t look dated as many other materials may do so and the placement of well made pieces of glass furniture can provide the same utility without cluttering or cramping the perception of space in a room.

The range of Tonelli glass furniture includes coffee tables, dining tables, bookcases, cabinets, mirrors, consoles and desks. Please contact us if you don’t see a product you like as can supply the whole product range.


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