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Segment Rectangular – Mirror by Sovet

Segment Rectangular is a stunning modern mirror from Sovet. After the popular introducing of round mirror ‘Segment’ at the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair Sovet have introduced a full length mirror to expand the collection. Segment Rectangular exhibits the same engraved design on the frame which defines the style of ‘Segment’. The fact that the frame is also mirrored helps accentuate the clarity and contemporary nature of the design. The mirror is wall mounted and available in a variety of sizes.   Click on the link below for more details:   Segment Rectangular  

Hug – Coffee Table/TV Unit by Sovet

Hug is a fantastic new product from Sovet – simple in design but highly practical and unfussy. Made from a single sheet of bent glass, the flowing design of Hug produces a 2 shelves on different levels, perfect for using as a coffee table or TV unit. The base of the unit is lacquered in a wide range of colours and sits on a wooden base to prevent scratching and provide added safety and stability. The minimalist design gives this product an ultra modern look that will enahance any modern living room.   Click on the link below for more details:   Hug  

Bridge with Shelf/Drawer from Sovet

This new product from Sovet has a very clean contemporary look. The main body of the coffee table is bent glass with a central wooden drawer/shelf. The wider version of the two sizes also has a flat glass shelf alongside the wooden shelf/drawer. One great feature of Bridge is the wooden shelf/drawer. The handles-less design compliments the sleek design and is useful for storing magazine, etc and keeping your room free of clutter. The drawer is available in a variety of finishes to fit in to the colour scheme of your room. Bridge has such a popular and simple design that is flexible enough to fit in a variety of settings.   Click on the…

Ring – Coffee Table from Sovet

Ring is a new coffee table from Sovet – equally appealing in either version, with or without a glass top. The crucial characteristic of Ring is the curved metal part which can be a stylish coffee table in its won right or can act as the base when combined with a glass top. The interesting and original shape has a contemporary feel and looks great in the available colours of white or mocha. Adding a glass top creates a whole new product with an equally modern edge. Both versions will compliment any modern living space, adding a touch of style and sophistication.   Click the link below for more details:   Ring  

Totem Stool by Sovet

Sovet have introduced a new stool to their range which compliments the existing Totem range of tables. Totem stool has a tapered cylindrical body which has a stainless steel finish or be lacquered in a range of colours. The seat is round and upholstered in a range of faux leather colours. This minimalist design is great for contract and residential use – and due to the different variations in finish can be customised to best suit your setting.   Click on the link below for more details:   Totem Stool  

Doge by Sovet

Doge is the new stand-out dining table from Sovet. Made entirely from 15mm thick glass, Doge is a stunning example of craftsmanship and design. Sovet are one of the top glass furniture producers around and we just love their new offering. The table consists of 2 bent glass bases connected by a straight crossbar. This is a crucial design element as well as providing increased stability. The table is available in transparent or extra clear glass – or in many of the lacquered colours from the Sovet catalogue. The crossbar is also available in walnut or wenge wood, providing a contemporary twist.   Click on the link below for more details:   Doge  

Slim 8 Office by Sovet

The Slim range from Sovet has proved to be a big hit with customers since its inception, and the latest addition to the family ‘Slim 8 Office’ looks set to become just as popular. This modern desk has the same understated, subtle style as existing products in the ‘Slim’ line – it is pleasing on the eye and conveys a quiet, contemporary coolness. As with most Sovet products Slim 8 Office is highly customizable, you can choose from an aluminium or lacquered frame and the glass top can be lacquered in colours from the Sovet  colour chart (see product listing for all options). Click on the link below for more details:   Slim 8 Office…

Cricket Console Table by Sovet

The Cricket console table is a great product for hallways and dressing rooms – this product is available with lots of different finish options (both on the glass and drawer) allowing it to be customized to complement your room. A unique feature of this particular console table is the suspended wooden drawer. This additional storage space allows all clutter to be kept out of sight and also forms a shelf, doubling the available surface space on the console. Click on the link below for more details and images of the available drawer finishes…   Cricket  

Gocci Di Rugiada by Sovet

This new family of irregularly mirrors from Sovet has a unique feature that sets it apart from other modern mirrors. On the back of each mirror is a special bracket that allows the mirror to be rotated throughout 360° Each mirror is sold separately and available in 15mm or 6mm thick glass. The edges are rounded and polished for a natural, organic look which softens the appearance. Click on the link below for more details…   Gocci Di Rugiada  

Valencia by Sovet

Sovet’s Valencia table is a glass dining table designed with an inherent beauty but with practicality in mind. The base is a distinct feature of Valencia, a large part of the base is in contact with the ground which provides structural stability, allowing for a large glass top to be supported safely. The underside of the base is weighted with a steel sheet to protect the glass base from the ground and add to the stability. For this reason the lower part of the base is always lacquered. As with all Sovet products a wide range of colors are available to customize the table to your taste. The flat part of the base and the…

Lambda Table from Sovet

Lambda by Sovet is a collection of new dining tables shown at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair that showcase an innovative new material called Cristalplant. This material is used to make the table bases, and has a number of desirable qualities. Cristalplant is made from mostly natural materials, but also has a small percentage of polymers added to give it some plastic like qualities. As a result it is non-toxic, recycleable, fire and weather resistant, and has a nice finish that is smooth to the touch…it can even withstand cigarette burns! The Cristalplant is moulded into a wavy zig-zag and support a glass table top which is available in square, round or elliptical as Lambda. Lambda…

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