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Muffin by Bonaldo

Muffin is an unusual and unique coffee table or end table by Bonaldo -new for 2013. The main structure is made from batch-dyed polyethylene and is available in a wide range of modern, fun colours. Muffin is supplied with a round steel top in white or anthracite grey.  This top can be removed to allow access to storage space within the table.   Click on the link below for more options.   Muffin  

Loto & Loto W by Bonaldo

Loto & Loto W are new dining chairs from Bonaldo that use the same moulded plastic polymer seat, which is available in a variety of transparent and opaque colours. The chair is available with a choice of metal tube legs (chromed or lacquered in matt colours) or wooden legs (solid ash in different stains). Both chairs offer a highly contemporary seating solution while being distinctly different in style.   Click on the links below for more details:   Loto Loto W  

Iceberg by Pedrali

Iceberg is an ultra cool bar in modular for, perfect for outdoor use. Each individual units is made from moulded polyethylene in a double pentagon shape designed to fit together and create a unique entertaining space. The units have storage space at the rear with removeable shelves. Click on the link below for more details…   Iceberg  

Rubik Stool by Pedrali

Rubik is a stylish modern stool, a single piece moulded from polycarbonate and available in transparent colours, or white/black (opaque). The sleek lines and the material used lends a very contemporary feel to this stool, it will make a great addition to any modern kitchen or bar. Polycarbonate is also a very practical material to use, Rubik stool is lightweight, tough and stackable. Click on the link below for more details…   Rubik  

Blues by Bonaldo

Blues is a new stackable dining chair, designed by Dondoli and Pocci and made by Bonaldo. The chair is a single piece, moulded in polypropylene using a cutting edge gas assisted injection moulding process. The result is a light but strong chair that offers a great seating solution for the home or contract market. Blues offers great style, practicality and value for money. Click the link below for more images…   Blues    

Blitz Chair from Pedrali

Blitz was the new chair at this years Milan fair that really caught our eye. A great mix of practicality and funky design, the seat has a textured finish and the legs taper gently towards the floor. The variety of colours gives this chair a wide range of identities, chose from subtle opaque colours for a touch of class or bright and zany transparent colours to make a real statement. Shipped in boxes of 4 of the same colour, if you require smaller quantities or would like to mix colours please call for prices and availability. Available to pre-order now, chairs will be shipped in June

Pasha by Pedrali

Pedrali, specialists in contemporary moulded seating, have a new polycarbonate chair in production that is already making waves in the design community. At first glance Pasha appears to be a chair of classic design, but closer inspection reveals an innovative use of modern materials and methods of production. From designers Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci of the ‘Archirivolto’ studio, their long and successful collaboration with Pedrali is built on the principles of high quality products at affordable prices. The chair looks great in restaurants, hotels and bars, as well as in the home or even outdoor settings. A matching footrest ‘Pasha Pouf’ is also available and is equally useful as side/end table.

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