Bonaldo – Company Profile

Bonaldo have been producing creative, elegant, quality furniture since 1936.

The company has always been interested in experimentation. In the early days the medium was tubular metal applications, now Bonaldo conducts conducts wide-ranging research into plastics, the use of different alloys and the use of materials such as pressure cast aluminium, flexible cold-pressed polyurethane and propylene.

Always looking to stay ahead of the curve, Bonaldo invests heavily in research and development to enable the designers they work with to realise their vision.

Using this philosophy Bonaldo continues to provide furniture for the contemporary home that expresses design and emotion, with a range of shapes and lines.

Some of the industry’s top designers regularly work with Bonaldo, including Karim Rashid, Ron Arad, Toshiyuki Kita
and Mauro Lipparini. They share Bonaldo’s vision of redefining the national design scene with a range of models that have a great visual impact.

This mission and way of working is garnering increasing recognition , through the award of numerous international prizes.

It is a brand that continues to be one of the main players in Italian design and production.


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