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S1 Sideboard by Muller

S1 Sideboard from Muller.
S1 Sideboard Cabinets from Muller. S1 Sideboard Cabinets from Muller.  
Product name S1 Sideboard
Brand Muller
Delivery time 6 to 8 weeks
Delivery charge FREE
Size 154 x 42 x 57h cm
Made in Germany
Description A contemporary sideboard cabinet with the body made from 1mm thick sheet metal, hand-welded and finished with a semi-matt acryllic lacquer to create a stylish storage solution. Available with either flush or corrugated sliding wooden doors, the unit stands on polished aluminium runners. Central partition wall.
View applicable finishes: Muller Metallic Tones, Muller Pearl Tones, Muller Regular Tones
Corrugated Doors
Metallic Tones£1893
Pearl Tones£1945
Regular Tones£1806
Flush Doors
Metallic Tones£1560
Pearl Tones£1612
Regular Tones£1474
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