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Classic Line Conference Table by Muller

Classic Line Conference Table from Muller.
Classic Line Conference Table Desks from Muller.    
Product name Classic Line Conference Table
Brand Muller
Delivery time 6 to 8 weeks
Delivery charge FREE
Size 145 x 80 x 77h cm
Made in Germany
Description Contemporary metal conference table/desk made from sheet metal with a high-gloss acrylic finish and black laminate top board . Optional chrome stripes on the side panels (4 on each side).
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View applicable finishes: Muller Metallic Tones, Muller Pearl Tones, Muller Regular Tones
With Chrome Stripes
Metallic Tones£1735
Pearl Tones£1772
Regular Tones£1683
Without Chrome Stripes
Metallic Tones£1442
Pearl Tones£1480
Regular Tones£1390
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