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Ribaldino by Italcomma

Ribaldino from Italcomma.
Ribaldino Coffee Tables from Italcomma.    
Product name Ribaldino
Brand Italcomma
Delivery time 6 to 8 weeks
Delivery charge FREE
Made in Italy
Description A contemporary coffee table with a 15mm thick glass top and square section glass legs (48x48mm). Available in transparent or extra clear glass, custom sizes can be catered for, please call or email us for a specific quote.
Extra Clear Glass
110 x 60 x 37h cm£1265
85 x 85 x 37h cm£1305
128 x 68 x 37h cm£1327
100 x 100 x 37h cm£1367
120 x 120 x 37h cm£1504
Transparent Glass
110 x 60 x 37h cm£911
85 x 85 x 37h cm£950
128 x 68 x 37h cm£972
100 x 100 x 37h cm£1012
120 x 120 x 37h cm£1149
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