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Marcelo MCL202 by Fornasarig

Marcelo MCL202 from Fornasarig.
Marcelo MCL202 Lounge Chairs from Fornasarig.    
Product name Marcelo MCL202
Brand Fornasarig
Delivery time 6 to 8 weeks
Delivery charge FREE
Size 69w x 97d x 70h (seat 41h) cm
Made in Italy
Description A stylish lounge chair with an ultra stylish contemporary look, Marcelo is characterized by the visual contrast between the bent wood frame and the fabric seat. See corresponding samples below for all available wood, leather and fabric finshes. Structure in solid oak wood, see all stain options below.
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View applicable finishes: Fornasarig Wood Samples, Fornasarig Ecoleather (Synthetic Leather) Samples, Fornasarig Fabric B Samples - EVENT, Fornasarig Fabric D Samples - ARGOS, Fornasarig Fabric E Samples - EUROPOST, Fornasarig Fabric E Samples - PAUSE 3, Fornasarig Fabric F Samples - BLITZ 2, Fornasarig Fabric F Samples - REMIX, Fornasarig Fabric G Samples - STEELCUT TRIO, Fornasarig Leather Samples, Fornasarig Oak Wood Samples
Fabric B£982
Fabric D£1001
Fabric E£1044
Fabric F£1095
Fabric G£1156
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