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Basicwood Counter Stool BWS301-B by Fornasarig

Basicwood Counter Stool BWS301-B from Fornasarig.
Basicwood Counter Stool BWS301-B Stools from Fornasarig.    
Product name Basicwood Counter Stool BWS301-B
Brand Fornasarig
Delivery time 6 to 8 weeks
Delivery charge FREE
Size 55 x 55 x 102h (seat 70h arms 85h) cm
Made in Italy
Description A timeless counter stool with a design focused on a thin wood thickness for a discreet profile. The structure is solid beech wood available in a choice of finishes (see wood colour chart below). The seat is sprung with elastic webbing, padded with polyurethane foam and covered in a wide choice of fabric and leather colours (see samples below for the full range of options). Polished metal footrest.
View applicable finishes: Fornasarig Fabric D Samples - ARGOS, Fornasarig Fabric G Samples - STEELCUT TRIO, Fornasarig Wood Samples, Fornasarig Ecoleather (Synthetic Leather) Samples, Fornasarig Fabric B Samples - EVENT, Fornasarig Fabric E Samples - EUROPOST, Fornasarig Fabric E Samples - PAUSE 3, Fornasarig Fabric F Samples - BLITZ 2, Fornasarig Fabric F Samples - REMIX, Fornasarig Leather Samples, Fornasarig Wood Samples
Fabric B£605
Fabric D£611
Fabric E£625
Fabric F£641
Fabric G£660
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