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Rosy by Fiam

New Fiam mirror ‘Rosy’ is unique and eye-catching in an effortless, subtle way. The off-centre mirror is surrounded by a raised metal frame shaped like a crescent moon, adding flair and individuality to such a contemporary design. Rosy has a clever mounting panel that allows the mirror to be hung in a variety of different positions. Designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, renowned architects and designers.   Click the link below for more details:   Rosy    

Rialto Isola by Fiam

Fiam have introduce a stylish new desk called Rialto Isola – made from 2 sections of bent glass and joined with aluminium brackets. This desk has a futuristic, ultra modern vibe and would look great in a modern office setting or add style and a touch of splendor to your ¬†home office. Custom sizes are also available on request.   Click on the link below for more details:   Rialto Isola  

Magique Side and Magique Totem by Fiam

These two exciting new products from the Magique family have been introduced by Fiam at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair. Both products utilise sheet glass uprights and glass boxes to form stunning storage and display units. Although very different in terms of size, these two products exhibit the same qualities and share the same DNA. By using different glass finishes (transparent/smoked/white etc) these products can be completely transformed from simple, essential objects of practicality to stylish, eye-catching pieces of furniture.   Click on the links below for more details:   Magique Totem Magique Side  

Caldeira – Wall Mirror from Fiam

Caldeira is a collection of contemporary wall mirrors in different shapes and sizes. The unique feature of Caldeira is the eye-catching 3D frame – a daring design in metal that distinguishes this product from other modern mirrors. The mirror has a special bracket that allows it to be hung in a variety of different positions. Wherever you decide to place Caldeira it is certain to turn heads and create conversation.   Click on the link below for more details:   Caldeira  

The Wing – Mirror Collection by Daniel Libeskind for Fiam

‘The Wing’ is a collection of mirrors by renowned designer Daniel Libeskind. ‘The Wing’ is available in 3 different shapes all containing sections of curved silvered glass, and can be hung in a variety of positions. The designer wanted to recreate the mystery of reflection in his design and suggest the enigma of ¬†awakening…’the wing of dreams and desires refers to the function of awakening which the mirror performs for us.’ The theme of energy and light is also present in the architectural designs of Daniel Libeskind. ‘The Wing’ has certain design similarities as the extension to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto (see image below) also designed by Libeskind. Click on the link below…

Paesaggi and Paesaggi Side from Fiam

A unique take on glass coffee/side tables with surfaces on different levels. The products are made entirely from 12mm thick glass, the tops are bonded to the curved glass section(s) that make up the base. Paesaggi has a very individual character and is a product that really stands out from the crowd.   Click on the links below for more details:   Paesaggi Paesaggi Side  

Bright by Fiam

A great new contemporary office desk from Fiam made entirely from glass. The desk is made from 3 sheets of tempered glass which are fixed together with either glass brackets or aluminium brackets. The version with aluminum brackets can be dismantled. In the version with glass brackets the table is bonded together so cannot be dismantled. Bright is a unique contemporary desk, the simplicity of the design really allows the glass to speak for itself.   Click on the link below for more details:   Bright  

Fiam Celebrates 40th Anniversary

2013 is a landmark year in the history of Fiam – marking 40 years of design in glass – a 1000 year old material with a timeless charm. For Fiam time never stands still – they are looking forward to another year of designer collaborations and special projects – but they pause to pay tribute to the past successes that have made their brand a global icon of design and glass culture. This special edition logo celebrates this anniversary and appears on the Fiam website and facebook page. Click on the link below to visit our Fiam product page and browse the range of products…   FIAM  

Dama Console by Fiam

Dama is a truly stunning glass console table and a triumph of design and engineering. This beautiful product is made from a single piece of 12mm thick glass which has been sculpted to create an ethereal modern console table. The wavy glass column tapers upwards to a flat oval shaped top. Dama is sure to catch the eye and is perfect for hallways and bedrooms Click on the link below for more details…   Dama    

Atlas by Fiam

Atlas is a genuinely stunning dining table with a unique eye-catching style. This table is sure to be the centre of attention no matter what the setting. Each leg is made from multiple sections of hand sculpted glass, bonded together to create a sculptural masterpiece in each corner. These legs screw into a metal disc bonded to each corner of the tempered glass table top. Atlas is also available in custom sizes, please contact us for a specific quote if your required size isn’t listed. Click on the link below for more details and images…   Atlas  

Rialto L by Fiam

Rialto L is a contemporary glass office desk from Fiam – the design encapsulates what Fiam sees as the future of the modern workplace or home office. The design is quite simple, a large curved glass surface makes up one side of the and the desk top. On the other side is an integrated drawer unit made from glass with lacquered or leather covered wooden drawers. The use of glass gives this product a great visual lightness and the clean lines make it suitable for any environment. Rialto L is also available in custom sizes, please call us for a specific quote. For further details click on the link below…   Rialto L  

Kristal by Fiam

Kristal is an ultra-cool TV unit that oozes style. The lines are sleek, strong and minimalist – every part of this product is optimised for functionality. The lower part of the unit is made of wood and lacquered in black or white. This unit has 3 compartments to house your DVD player, games console, satellite receiver etc. It has a smoked glass drop-down front in keeping with the minimalist vibe. A raised smoked glass shelf allows your flat screen TVto be elevated onto a seperate platform from the unit below. Click the link below for more details…   Kristal    

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