Lambda Table from Sovet

Lambda by Sovet is a collection of new dining tables shown at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair that showcase an innovative new material called Cristalplant.

This material is used to make the table bases, and has a number of desirable qualities.

Cristalplant is made from mostly natural materials, but also has a small percentageĀ of polymers added to give it some plastic like qualities.

As a result it is non-toxic, recycleable, fire and weather resistant, and has a nice finish that is smooth to the touch…it can even withstand cigarette burns!

The Cristalplant is moulded into a wavy zig-zag and support a glass table top which is available in square, round or elliptical as Lambda.

Lambda 2 Base isĀ the rectangular version which uses 2 of the Cristalplant bases to support the glass top.

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