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Dublino by Bontempi

Dublino is a modern dining table that perfectly sums up the ethos and style of Bontempi. This table combines the values of practicality and aesthetic beauty without compromising either. The contemporary styling with simple, sharp lines gives the table a distinctive character whilst retaining a universal appeal. Click on the link below for more details:   Dublino

Deli chair from Bonaldo

The new Deli chair from Bonaldo has a simple elegant design that allows the pure form of the shape to shine through. Padded with Bonaldo’s new crush proof rubber for comfort and durability and covered in ecoleather or leather in various colors. The legs can also be covered with leather/ecoleather or matt lacquered in white or grey. A stunningly beautiful chair, click on the link below for more pictures and details: Deli

Octa Round from Bonaldo

The successful Octa dining table is now available with a round glass top – transparent glass and white/black acid treated glass tops are available in various sizes. The eye-catching and innovative steel rod base that made the original table so popular is unchanged for the round version, with a choice of chrome, black nickel and lacquered finishes.   Click on the link below for more information:   Octa Round  

Butterfly 8070 dining table by Tonin Casa

The unigue feature of the Butterfly dining table are the curved plywood legs, a contemporary design that is eyecatching, elegant and graceful. The original walnut finish show in the images online shows off the precision craftmanship and minute eye for detail of the Tonin Casa design and production team. The table is also available in lacquered versions to cater for the ultra0minimalist client.   Click on the link below for more details:   Butterfly 8070  

Doge by Sovet

Doge is the new stand-out dining table from Sovet. Made entirely from 15mm thick glass, Doge is a stunning example of craftsmanship and design. Sovet are one of the top glass furniture producers around and we just love their new offering. The table consists of 2 bent glass bases connected by a straight crossbar. This is a crucial design element as well as providing increased stability. The table is available in transparent or extra clear glass – or in many of the lacquered colours from the Sovet catalogue. The crossbar is also available in walnut or wenge wood, providing a contemporary twist.   Click on the link below for more details:   Doge  

Slim 8 Office by Sovet

The Slim range from Sovet has proved to be a big hit with customers since its inception, and the latest addition to the family ‘Slim 8 Office’ looks set to become just as popular. This modern desk has the same understated, subtle style as existing products in the ‘Slim’ line – it is pleasing on the eye and conveys a quiet, contemporary coolness. As with most Sovet products Slim 8 Office is highly customizable, you can choose from an aluminium or lacquered frame and the glass top can be lacquered in colours from the Sovet  colour chart (see product listing for all options). Click on the link below for more details:   Slim 8 Office…

Bright by Fiam

A great new contemporary office desk from Fiam made entirely from glass. The desk is made from 3 sheets of tempered glass which are fixed together with either glass brackets or aluminium brackets. The version with aluminum brackets can be dismantled. In the version with glass brackets the table is bonded together so cannot be dismantled. Bright is a unique contemporary desk, the simplicity of the design really allows the glass to speak for itself.   Click on the link below for more details:   Bright  

Match Dining Table by Bonaldo

Match is an ultra- stylish modern dining table from Bonaldo. This table is quite unique in terms of styling, combining elegant tapered wooden legs with a glass or ‘Doluflex’ top. Doluflex is a strong, light material consisting of 2 aluminium sheets with a corrugated layer of aluminium sandwiched in between. The extension leaf is also made of Doluflex. The contrast between the legs and top gives Match a real original feel and a unique, strong character.   Click on the link below for more details:   Match  

Octa by Bonaldo

Octa by Bonaldo is a very special dining table with a distinctive base made from slim steel rods that gives the table a certain elegance and a strong contemporary feel. Bonaldo offer lots of choice in terms of table tops for Octa – glass, lacquered wood, veneered wood and solid walnut – the different materials and colours available for the top and base allow for personal customisation so the table suits the specific needs of the customer.   Click on the link below for more details and images:   Octa  

Claro dining table by Tonelli

A stunning all glass dining table inspired by the 1950s structural experimentation of Jean Prouve. The base is made of 6 pieces of thick glass bonded together to form a strong structure capapble of supporting the large glass top. The central beam varies in length depending on the size of top it is required to support. This table is typical of the Tonelli style: clean, bold lines that create a beautiful practical piece of furniture thta in essence is very simple.   Click on the link below for more details:   Claro    

Flag Table by Bonaldo

Flag is a superb new dining table from Bonaldo, it has a unique style that pushes the boundaries of new modern design. Flag is available in extending and fixed versions; the top, frame and legs are available in a choice of colours and finishes, allowing for a wide variety of different combinations.   The metal frame can be lacquered in white or orange to stand out and really make a statement, or in dove grey or anthracite grey to blend in with the rest of the table for a more subtle look. Click on the links below to view all size and finish options Flag Fixed Flag Extending  

Mille Dining Table from Bonaldo

Mille is a new dining table produced by Bonaldo, one of the leading innovators in modern Italian furniture production. A unique design from the family-run Bartoli Design studio, the transparent glass top is supported by a collection of chromed steel columns. The table comes in round, oval and rectangular varieties. For adding an element of style to the living room Mille Coffee is also available – see links below for more information…   Mille Mille Coffee      

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