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Enigma by Unico Italia

Enigma is a modern coffee table that emitomises minimalist contemporary design. This coffee table has no straight edges, the curved create a softer look and convey a futuristic feel. There are many bent glass coffee tables available but Enigma feels like it has a stronger character and more individuality, something that sets it out from the crowd and is sure to make it a favorute amongst designers and private customers alike.   Click on the link below for full details: Enigma  

Hug – Coffee Table/TV Unit by Sovet

Hug is a fantastic new product from Sovet – simple in design but highly practical and unfussy. Made from a single sheet of bent glass, the flowing design of Hug produces a 2 shelves on different levels, perfect for using as a coffee table or TV unit. The base of the unit is lacquered in a wide range of colours and sits on a wooden base to prevent scratching and provide added safety and stability. The minimalist design gives this product an ultra modern look that will enahance any modern living room.   Click on the link below for more details:   Hug  

Bridge with Shelf/Drawer from Sovet

This new product from Sovet has a very clean contemporary look. The main body of the coffee table is bent glass with a central wooden drawer/shelf. The wider version of the two sizes also has a flat glass shelf alongside the wooden shelf/drawer. One great feature of Bridge is the wooden shelf/drawer. The handles-less design compliments the sleek design and is useful for storing magazine, etc and keeping your room free of clutter. The drawer is available in a variety of finishes to fit in to the colour scheme of your room. Bridge has such a popular and simple design that is flexible enough to fit in a variety of settings.   Click on the…

Ring – Coffee Table from Sovet

Ring is a new coffee table from Sovet – equally appealing in either version, with or without a glass top. The crucial characteristic of Ring is the curved metal part which can be a stylish coffee table in its won right or can act as the base when combined with a glass top. The interesting and original shape has a contemporary feel and looks great in the available colours of white or mocha. Adding a glass top creates a whole new product with an equally modern edge. Both versions will compliment any modern living space, adding a touch of style and sophistication.   Click the link below for more details:   Ring  

Paesaggi and Paesaggi Side from Fiam

A unique take on glass coffee/side tables with surfaces on different levels. The products are made entirely from 12mm thick glass, the tops are bonded to the curved glass section(s) that make up the base. Paesaggi has a very individual character and is a product that really stands out from the crowd.   Click on the links below for more details:   Paesaggi Paesaggi Side  

Muffin by Bonaldo

Muffin is an unusual and unique coffee table or end table by Bonaldo -new for 2013. The main structure is made from batch-dyed polyethylene and is available in a wide range of modern, fun colours. Muffin is supplied with a round steel top in white or anthracite grey.  This top can be removed to allow access to storage space within the table.   Click on the link below for more options.   Muffin  

Orion – Coffee Table/End Table by Bonaldo

Orion are a selection of highly contemporary coffee table/end tables with a design that somehow manage to convey retro and futuristic vibes at the same time. The frame is made from curved steel tubes and supports a glass or ‘laminam’ (ceramic) top. Various finishes are available to suit the needs of the individual customer.   Click on the link below for more information:   Orion  

Veer Coffee Table & Veer Side Table by Tonelli

A unique coffee table/side table designed by internationally renowned icon of design Karim Rashid. The top and base have contrasting styles, top with rounded edges and base with angular bold lines. A real standout design that will feel at home in any contemporary location.   Click on the links below for more details:   Veer Coffee Table Veer Side Table  

Bakkarat tables by Tonelli

Bakkarat is a collection of small coffee tables/side tables made entirely from glass. The base and top are round with a ‘twisted’ central stem made from sections of extra thick bonded glass. The base is mirrored to reflect and create interesting angles produced by the different glass surfaces.   Click on the link below for more details:   Bakkarat  

Tabular Coffee Table by Muller

Tabular is an ultra modern coffee table with a 2.5mm thick curved sheet metal base – lacquered in a choice of colors. The top is made from flat aluminium (lacquered) or walnut – both options create an individual coffee table with bags of character and appeal. Tabular is available in 2 sizes. The wide range of color options available allows the customer to customize this coffee table to suit their exact requirements.   Click on the links below for more images and details…   Tabular LT2 Tabular LT3  

Big Planet Coffee Table by Bonaldo

Big Planet is a stunning large coffee table designed by Gino Carollo for Bonaldo. The base is a a rounded aluminium bowl with a flat base, available in glossy finishes or the natural aluminium. This bowl supports a round glass top, again available in a range of lacquered colors. The design is unique and inherently modern – the different combinations of finishes makes this coffee table suitable for a variety of different spaces. A smaller version is also available, and an indulgent version in all gold – see links below for more details…   Big Planet Planet Planet Gold  

Splash by Karim Rashid for Tonelli

Tonelli Splash Coffee Table by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid continues his highly successful relationship with Tonelli in their latest collaboration Splash. A coffee table available in 2 sizes, Splash has a 20mm thick glass top with an irregular, fun shape. The legs are also made from glass and act as magazine holders. A clever design and a whole new way of looking at the function of the coffee table, this product is eye-catching and sure to make a splash! For size and price details click here

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