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homefrenzy is an online retailer, for good reason. Although shops do a great job of showcasing what furniture they can fit on the shop floor, the category of furniture we sell is too diverse to be adequately represented in showrooms. Our core philosophy is to show a much wider range of furniture than a conventional brick and mortar store could ever display and offer fast and convenient browsing at low prices. Most of our products are made to order in Italy and carry a 30 day returns policy to guarantee you will be satisfied.

The idea for homefrenzy started when the owner, Damian Hirst, tried to shop for modern furniture in central London and found that the most exiting products were hidden away in catalogues. While the busy staff were as helpful as possible, the process of asking to see each catalogue and then enquiring into the price proved to be very tiring and slow.
It was obvious that the internet could facilitate this experience and open up these products to everyone with immediate pricing, free delivery and a returns policy that not all conventional stores were prepared to offer.
In the year of 2000, Damian quit working for a bank in the City of London and began work on the startup. Since processing our first order in Oct 2001 (to Sally in Oxford – thank you) we have successfully provided highly exclusive items of designer furniture to many thousands of clients in the UK and US. To offer better service, the US business was formed into a separate company in 2006 head quartered in Dallas, Texas.

Present and Future
Today, the contemporary furniture scene is more inspiring and exciting than ever. We hope you appreciate our product line-up and will become a client.
The pursuit of beautiful design and function in the very best materials will continue to fascinate and delight us.

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